©David Henderman

So my journey began in Northern Kentucky – A State historically and inherently  conflicted about it’s own identity and allegiances. I was born into a time of war and conflict in the 1960’s, but just a hundred years earlier, the entire nation was at war – A conflict that overshadowed her resolve and moral compass, and that would ultimately tear the hearts of her families into shards. Many of them would never know peace again. I think at the foundations of Kentucky’s divided mind laid the conflict of moral decay and greed. Slavery would crush her too… but she might never admit to herself that this darkness was the primary cause of her present and future instability. For that matter, the nation would follow the same path of indecision and poverty. All of this played deeply into the person I have become today.

My ancestors migrated here from Prussia & Scotland. The Henderman sons, Benjamin and Leonard “Leo” were just young men when they fought for a country they knew nothing about. They fought with a ferocity that would get them through the war and a naivety that would scar their emotions and moral fiber – Leo, for the rest of his life. But, Benjamin would find a heroic valor that would establish he and his family in Louisville, KY after the war, until his death in 1912. This is my story, but it also is my investigation into the past as I try to surface what Benjamin and I both struggled to understand between the shores of this great and diverse, yet – dark and secret land. I think he would have agreed with me, in that I call it, my personal pursuit of ElusiveFreedom.

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